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According to Meyer’s

According to’s Question to you is:

Who Killed Stanley Meyer’s

His invention could have changed the World for the better as we know it!

According to the deceased Stanley Meyer’s, his Water Fuel Cell could run your car on water! That’s correct, I said water.

Hydrogen Gas Technology

According to Stanley Meyer, he may have done exactly that, modifying his dune buggy to run on water alone using the hydrogen to run his dune buggy. The goal of this web site is to explain the science behind Stanley Meyers water fuel cell. As a group we will study his theory, patents, and related information. The objective will be to replicatethe water fuel cell. The completion of our work will be proof to the world of the validity of the water fuel cell. Have you ever thought about water as a fuel source?

According to the atomic make up of water which makes the molecule perfect for a fuel source. The water molecule is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. According to the water molecule it separated into its component atoms (H and O) and oxidized as fuel, the resulting energy is two and one half times more powerful than gasoline. The byproduct of the combustion is water vapor.

Stanley MeyersMaking water as a fuel, powerful and pollution free! According to the problem, it has always been how to separate water economically. Traditional methods of separating the bond of the water molecule have resulted in failure. According to powering a car by these methods would not move the car very far. The cars electrical system could not recharge from the process quickly enough. According to the result it would be a quickly drained battery. For many years Stanley Meyer researched this problem and found a way around it! According to many people, as you could well imagine, who would not like to see this technology appear in the market place. Stanley A. Meyer died on March 27 1998 at the young age of 57. It is vital that his research and resulting technological advances are not lost, but rather that his work is continued. Join in the creative spirit and challenge (that is not driven by greed) and help in an endeavor that will revolutionize the world. This effort will provide an efficient fuel source which is environmentally safe. Join the Water Fuel Cell Forum.


Stanley Myers water car

It is a disgrace according to the American people and the World that Stanley Meyer’s was poisoned (March 98′)

He died in the parking lot of a restaurant in his home town of Grove City, Ohio.

Sharks came a week later and stole the the dune buggy and all of his experimental equipment, according to his brother, Steve. Stan said while he was alive, that he was threatened many times and would not sell out to Arab Oil Corp.s The Military was going to use this technology in their tanks, jeeps, etc. He had patents on his invention and was ready for production. Only $1,500 to equip your car! See the Videos above. No gasoline, just water. According to Stanley, he said that he was offered a billion dollars from an Arab to basically shelf his idea. Stan said, “no, this technology is for the people.” Who you suppose poisoned Stan? A jealous onlooker? Do you think the Oil Corp.’s are happy to see a converted car running for FREE?? Our own US DOE, and the present administration are heavily involved in the Oil business. If GW wanted my respect,I’d have inventors like Stan on TV and with me in the White House, discussing how to save this dying planet and break the bonds of ruled corruption and greed. I have read the DOE’s hydrogen & fuel cell technology and they don’t mention making hydrogen from pure water, until the last page. They rather get hydrogen from hydrocarbons. They don’t mention “On Board Hydrogen Electrolysis” make the egas as you go. They talk about Hydrogen Gas Stations at how much per gallon?

According to the number one question, what is happening with Stan’s Great Invention of the 20th Century!!

Stanley Meyer diedAbsolutely nothing. Are they manufacturing his invention. NO, Why not? because it would solve all the world’s problems today. That is NOT how politics work, MONEY is the ruler here. According to Common Sense it is NOT for humans, only good for OUTLAWS & so called terrorists.? Huh? We live in a time when good is spoken of as evil and evil spoken up as good. Why do I say that because it is true. We were told the US twin towers was taken down by airplanes, when the truth is, it was taken down by C4 explosives. According to William Rodriguez who holds the master key, he was there that day, he lost his job and 250 of his friends and colleges. Connect the dots, it is that simple. Sorry to have shocked you and made your face turn red, but Building #7 came down in 7 seconds, not reported in the 911 commission report. No planes hit that building, only a few offices fires happened. It was all too fishy from me, and continues to stink like a dead rat.

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