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America has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm America,” she said.

Brigitte Gabriel - JournalistDrawing U.S. Crowds With Anti-Islam Message    The New York Times: By LAURIE GOODSTEIN

As a child growing up a Maronite Christian in war-torn southern Lebanon in the 1970s, Ms. Gabriel said, she had been left lying injured in rubble after Muslims mercilessly bombed her village. She found refuge in Israel and then moved to the United States, only to find that the Islamic radicals who had terrorized her in Lebanon, she said, were now bent on taking over America.

America has been infiltrated on all levels by radicals who wish to harm America,” she said.

“They have infiltrated us at the C.I.A., at the F.B.I., at the Pentagon, at the State Department. They are being radicalized in radical mosques in our cities and communities within the United States.”

Brigitte Gabriel - JournalistThrough her books, media appearances and speeches, and her organization, ACT! for America, Ms. Gabriel has become one of the most visible personalities on a circuit of self-appointed terrorism detectors who warn that Muslims pose an enormous danger within United States borders. 

Through her books, media appearances and speeches, and her organization, ACT! for America, Ms. Gabriel has become one of the most visible personalities on a circuit of self-appointed terrorism detectors who warn that Muslims pose an enormous danger within United States borders.

Brigitte Gabriel, Journalist tells us that there are more than 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world and the fastest growing major religion…

There are between 200 to more than 300 Million Muslims dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. Which is equal to the population of America?  Radical Muslims are between 15 and 25%

Looking throughout history:

They Must Be StoppedMost Germans were peaceful, but yet more that 60 Million people died…  14 Million died in concentration camps, of which 6 million were Jews…
The peaceful majority people were irrelevant!

Looking at Russia… Most Russians were peaceful, but Russians killed more than 20 Million people…

In China, most Chinese were peaceful, but the Chinese killed over 70 Million people…  The peaceful majority people were irrelevant!

In Japan most Japanizes were peaceful, but Japan killed more than 12 Million people…  The peaceful majority people were relevant!

On September 11, 2001…  There were more that 2.3 Million Muslim Arabs living in the United States.

It only took 19 Radical Muslims to bring the United States to its knees, killing more than three thousand people.



Representative Peter T. King, Republican of Long Island, will conduct hearings Thursday in Washington on a similar theme: that the United States is infiltrated by Muslim radicals.
Peter King R-NYMr. King was the first guest last month on a new cable television show that Ms. Gabriel co-hosts with Guy Rodgers, the executive director of ACT! and a Republican consultant who helped build the Christian Coalition, once the most potent political organization on the Christian right.
Ms. Gabriel, 51, who uses a pseudonym, casts her organization as a nonpartisan, nonreligious national security group. Yet the organization draws on three rather religious and partisan streams in American politics: evangelical Christian conservatives, hard-line defenders of Israel (both Jews and Christians) and Tea Party Republicans.
She presents a portrait of Islam so thoroughly bent on destruction and domination that it is unrecognizable to those who study or practice the religion. She has found a receptive audience among Americans who are legitimately worried about the spread of terrorism…

Brigitte Gabriel is a Lebanese American journalist, author and activist.
She is the founder of the American Congress for Truth,an organization dedicated to educating the public about Islam.
This is her interview at Duke University in 2004.

Brigitte Gabriel - Journalist - FounderMs. Gabriel says she is motivated not by fear or hatred of Islam, but by her love for her adopted country.
“I lost Lebanon, my country of birth, to radical Islam,” she wrote. “I do not want to lose my adopted country America.”

She insists that she is singling out only “radical Islam” or Muslim “extremists” — not the vast majority of Muslims or their faith. And yet, in her speeches and her two books, she leaves the opposite impression. She puts it most simply in the 2008 introduction to her first book, “Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America.”

“In the Muslim world, extreme is mainstream,” she wrote. She said that there is a “cancer” infecting the world, and said: “The cancer is called Islamofacism.

This ideology is coming out of one source: The Koran          For more information…

Arab-Christian Commentator:
In the Lebanese civil war, Ms. Gabriel found herself in the first attack, beyond the Arab-Israeli conflict, of Islamic Jihad against non-Muslims and the West. A barrage of Muslim rockets exploded in her house leaving her wounded and buried under the rubble. Her family lost everything and was forced to live the next seven years in an underground bomb shelter with little food, water and electricity.

In 1982 Ms. Gabriel’s mother became seriously wounded, Israel was the only place to go for medical attention. For Brigitte it was a life changing experience. She saw the Israelis demonstrate respect, humanity, compassion and generosity that she didn’t know existed beyond her immediate family. She realized she was fed nothing but lies by her government about the Jews and the Israeli people. She had to return to Lebanon to take care of her elderly parents but vowed that one day she would return to Israel. Brigitte kept that promise and more. She returned to Israel two years later and started working in Jerusalem as a journalist.


The Most Disturbing Video on
the Islamic Invasion of Europe

Islam is the fastest-growing major religion in Europe…

ISLAM IS TAKING OVER EUROPE… ! Wake up America before it’s too late !

 Islamic Invasion of Europe videoSince the 1960s, immigrants from Muslim countries started to appear in numbers in Western Europe, especially in Germany, France and Belgium. Although large Muslim communities existed on the continent long before this, especially in the Balkans, this was the first major wave of immigration of Muslims to northwestern Europe.

Muslims in Europe are not a homogeneous group. They are of various national, ethnic and racial identities. The top countries of origin of Muslims in Western Europe are Pakistan, Turkey and the Maghreb countries (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia).  Muslims also vary in terms of their religious commitment: some adhere very strictly to the tenets of Islam while others have largely assimilated into secular European culture.

In Western Europe, Muslims generally live in major urban areas, often concentrated in poor neighborhoods of large cities.

According to the Pew Forum, the total number of Muslims in Europe in 2010 was about 44 million (6%). The total number of Muslims in the European Union in 2010 was about 19 million (3.8%).  The French capital of Paris and its metropolitan area has the largest number (up to 1.7 million according to The Economist) of Muslims than any other city in the European Union. London also has a substantial community of Muslim origin, numbering about 1 million within the limits of Greater London and exceeding this figure when the entire metropolitan area is taken into account.

 If the current rate of migration of Muslims to Europe and the Muslim fertility rate remains constant, by 2030, people of Muslim faith or origin are predicted to form about 10% of the French population and 8% of the European population.

Eurabia is a political neologism.   Eurabia is a political neologism, a portmanteau of Europe and Arabia.

The concept was coined by Bat Ye’Or in the early 2000s. Bat Ye’Or (pen name of Gisele Littman) claims a conspiracy of Europe, allegedly led by France and Arab powers, to Islamise and Arabise Europe, thereby weakening its existing culture and undermining an alleged previous alignment with the U.S. and Israel.[3][4]

The term Eurabia has gained some public interest and has been used and discussed across a wide range of the political spectrum, including far-right activists, counterjihadis and different sorts of antiislamist and conservative activists. Bat Ye’Or’s “Mother conspiracy theory” has been used for further subtheories.   The narrative grew important in expressing Islamophobic sentiments and was used by movements like Stop Islamisation of Europe. It gained renewed interest after the 9/11 events and the use of the term by 2011 Norway attacker Anders Behring Breivik. It is as well a part of classical Anti-Europeanism, a strong influence in American culture and American exceptionalism which sometimes sees Europe on the decline or as a rising rival power, or, as is the case here, both.

Islamophobia (or anti-Muslim sentiment) is a term for prejudice against, hatred towards, or fear of Muslims or of ethnic groups perceived to be Muslim. The term entered into common English usage in 1997 with the publication of a report by the Runnymede Trust condemning negative emotions such as fear, hatred, and dread directed at Muslims. While the term is now widely used, both the term itself and the underlying concept have been criticized.

The causes and characteristics of Islamophobia are still debated. Some scholars have defined it as a type of racism. Some commentators have posited an increase in Islamophobia resulting from the September 11 attacks, while others have associated it with the increased presence of Muslims in the United States, the European Union and other secular nations.


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