Conversations with God – books 1- 2 – 3 – Free Audio/PDF

 According to Russ; listen to these FREE AUDIO BOOKS; it may just change your life!

This complete series is complements of You Tube and ALEXANDRIA audiobooks.

According to Russ; heed this Warning!!! Warning!!! Warning!!!

    If you are closed minded or narrow minded and have the attitude and mindset that  you already have all of life’s answers; do not listen to these three amazing audio books.


Conversations with God 3

            The author; Neal Donald Walsch decided, because of receiving this information from a voiceless voice, it was important that the words of God within these audio programs, be assigned to both a man and a woman, so that the voice would not be gender pacific.

Book cover, conversations with God

Narrated by; Author Neale Donald Walsch, with Edward Asner and Ellen Burstyn

Neale Donald Walsch

Author and Narrator: Neale Donald Walsch

Edward Asner

Narrator: Edward Asner

Ellen Burstyn

Narrator: Ellen Burstyn

Neale Donald Walsch may or not have been channeled from God, you must     decide for yourself. Just like a psychic

Remember, it is the content of these books (Conversations with God) that is important, not the source!

I believe that our goal in life should be to live life to the fullest and to seek what is the truth and to love everyone as your brothers and sisters.

Neale asked God many questions about money, sex, relationships, marriage, prosperity, happiness, health, death and life after physical death, the soul, love and more…

Believe what you want to believe, just continue to experience life to the fullest, live whatever paradigm you want to construct.


You must experience life to find your own truths; there is no better way to live.

Conversations with God / Book 1



Review:  Conversations with God:

Because, society and specific religious doctrines’ has ingrained and brainwashed their individuality and created their own belief systems and then anything that contradicts their paradigm in their own individual opinion, must be wrong and is blasphemy.

Many people who swear by the bible and completely believe that each word was inspired by God. How could an unconditionally loving God damn our souls to everlasting hell for disobeying his ten commandments? Why would you not want to listen to this trilogy with an open mind?

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Conversations with God – PDF – Book 1


 These books are  highly logical, very fair; many of the ideas are sound, interesting and make a great deal of sense.

Many of the words spoken in this trilogy does not just resonate as being true in our logical mind set but, also through our everlasting soul.

The conversations with God trilogy emphasizes Gods love for us over judgment and punishment.  We do not believe that you should not accept literally, the writings of a mortal man such as the author of this trilogy, Neal Donald Walsch. I do believe that he was channeled through God, but it is his individual interpretation.  What has been written and spoken in these three books in our opinion is profound and from a highly intelligent source.

CwG Book 2

Conversations with God – Book 2

The conversations with God trilogy covers topics in simple easy to understand words that explains quite effectively Gods concepts. 

In our searched for an unbiased opinion review, I came across this one from a gentleman named Aaron, he found the dialogue between Walsh and God captivating to say the least. As a person who has studied the Bible for a large portion of my life I can say that much of what is covered in Book 2 and the trilogy is hard to accept (and I’m not so sure I can accept some of its messages).  But, I am trying to keep an open mind.

Overall, the message to me is to treat others as you want to be treated and know that all things begin with love.  While this is a message that we all should have heard before, the New Age slant to the message was unexpectedly attractive.  The idea that there is no Devil, and that Hell is only a harsh mythology, is quite refreshing to someone taught to fear both of these things.

Finally, I don’t know if Mr. Walsh is talking to God or not. I don’t really care. What I have read in these books has caused me to ask questions about my own belief system and ask questions about my understanding of me, God, and the Universe.

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                                                                                                                                                   Conversation with God – PDF – book 3    

CwG Book 3

Conversations with God – Book 3



The real treasure with this trilogy, is that we are asked to question our understanding of our self.

God expands to universal proportions which include his discussion with God concerning “truths of the highes order, and the great challenges and opportunities of our soul.”

We are asked to do the unthinkable and question the validity of organized religions.

We are asked to question the direction of our life and determine if that direction will define Who We Really Are.

Finally, I don’t know if Mr. Walsh is talking to God or not.  I don’t really care.  What I have read in these books has caused me to ask questions about my own belief system and ask questions about my understanding of me, God, and the Universe.

PDF logoConversations with God – Book 3

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  1. Roy Chandler says:

    This book is awesome! I appreciate that you took the time to brake it up into parts along with the PDF’s. For the believers like me, it really put into perspective feelings that I have had for years. For the skeptics who cannot get past “this guy who claims he’s talking with God”…get over it, just take it for Neale’s vehicle to get the messages out there.

    I highly recommend! And hopefully enough of you will highly recommend so that we can truly start thinking along the same wave-lengths!

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