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The Border Crisis

The real impact of illegal immigration!

Click on Read More Below:  Map of illegal immigrants in the US by State
This video is for all Americans that believe in sovereignty; one Nation under God.
Obama and his administration’s failure to secure our borders is a push for the North American Union Agenda   and Agenda 21.
The number of families […]


Christ Returns – Speaks His Truth

Jesus Christ reveals the Startling Truth and refutes the religious teachings of the Christian church.
The channeler (recorder) is a woman living in England.  She has been in direct spiritual contact with Jesus Christ for over 40 years.
(Mediumistic channeling is the process of receiving messages from extra-dimensional beings, spirits or entities.)

Magenta Pixie explains what Channeling is: […]


According to Russ: Do you have the right perspective?

According to Russ:  Joel Osteen, believes having the right perspective in life is one of the keys to living a life of victory.
According to Russ: Update:
Joel has deleted his, having the right perspective video from Youtube.
I replaced it with one that is even more important! … The power of I AM…  It’s the sermon […]


According to/ Are you eating Meat Glue (Transflutaminase)?

According to Russ, CAUTION; This may shock you, The Meat You Eat May Contain Dangerous MEAT GLUE (TRANSFLUTAMINASE)?
According to Russ:  how to eliminate pain Meat Glue Is used by the Meat Industry to Sell Leftover Meat Parts as Filet Mignons and Other Processed Products that Can Lead to Illnesses Such as Celiac Disease, Heart Disease, Stroke, […]


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